Confronting the remoaners in Bolton

The 16th of February saw me travel to Bolton to take part in Yellow Vest protests, instead of my usual attendance o the Gillet Juanes movement in Paris. I had travelled from Doncaster early in the morning, leaving the house at 7am to get to the train station to make plenty of time for Manchester, where I was met at Piccadilly station and then heading down to Bolton town centre. The scene could not have been more perfect. There was a light breeze blowing an it was not too chilly. Me and my colleagues all met up in the main quare of Bolton, where we made a short video outlining why we were there, and what our aim/goal was in questioning the anti-Brexiters that had descended on Bolton like a wolf pack. The remoaners had a placard they had erected, pointing out the different voters that had voiced concerns about leaving the European Union. It was not until closer inspection that there was an overwhelming majority of people that wanted to leave outright, along with various other statistics that they had compiled.

It is worth noting that Bolton town overwhelmingly voted unanimously to leave the EU. The politics of the whole situation in Bolton seemed very divided. \I was told that there was a huge swing towards the general population voting for an independent party. It was brought to my attention that there was a real disdain for how the labour party and the leftists had treated the citizens of Bolton. This only serves to fracture society even more, which is what the left have continuously done ever since the Blairite administration. as our two groups came together for talk and debate, there was, to our surprise, already people grilling the remoaners and asking them ‘why they were campaigning against democracy’. The mood had already been set by the time that we arrived. There is quality video footage of the remoaners, whining and complaining about the presence us there, apparently sabotaging their demonstration. One female, who will remain nameless had the cheek to ask ‘for our papers’, like we needed special permission to be in a public space. As soon as you start eliciting people for their information, in a public space, you instantly give up your rights to not be filmed. This lady was under the pretence that our presence there was in some way breaking the law. There was only three of us. But we managed to make the six of them extremely uncomfortable and nervous because we were asking them questions about what they were doing there and what they and their people were wanting from all of this undemocratic antic.

There is a version of the full video that I took which is available on mine and our collective YouTube channel: The Huski. As well as ‘AlexJames’ It has been taken on the same location, but there are different camera angles and interviews with different ‘champagne socialists’. Asked if they supported what the Gilet Juanes, their response was ‘no, the Gilet Juanes are nothing more than anarchists. My colleague James, very good with words in fact turned the whole basis of what they supposedly were there protesting about on their heads. Pffft was the answer we were getting when they were grilled on a question, they knew nothing about. It was the age-old tactic of let’s divert the question and hope nobody notices ploy. I think that we took them totally by surprise. I think that they were not expecting a group like us to turn up and know as much as we did about the truth and the lies that the spin doctors of the left have been spinning for the past 20 years.

I look forward to our next meeting place, no doubt it will be in a predominantly pro-leave area. We find that it is important to get a rounded opinion of the true nature of current events that are happening in Europe and further afield. Remember everyone ‘facts are feelings’, this according to a GREEN PARTY member.

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