Paris protests

February 16th saw the 14th week in row that the French citizens took to the streets to protest against their government and the authoritarian degree to which the French LREM party are being treat. Scores of people right across France took to the streets to make their voice heard for a 14th week in a row. Anti-etablishment, anti-elitism and peniona were as they have been in the previous weeks, been at the forefont of the movements intensity. It is the reason that the movement has touched spo many people from all walks of life. It is the reason why as a citizen of every country, they are waking up and realising that they are getting the bum end of the deals that are being decided for them by the European Union. It is now no longer a grass roots movement. It has morphed into an revolutionary movement that has spread right around the world.

Yesterday me and my colleagues were I Bolton, England to see what the mood was in relation to what people thought about the European Union and how it directly affected us as citizens. It was not only the fact that we were being run by a dictatorship, it was also the fact that the government and its opposition were doing nothing but citing rhetoric at every turn. Nothing was really being done about the real issues at hand. It was the fact that every politician that is in government, not only here in Europe, but, right across the globe are treating us citizens as nothing more than moronic sheep. Thinking that we will bow down and do exactly as we are told. Our very rights as citizens are being stripped away in a covert fashion by people like Jean-Claude Juncker, Michael Barnier and Donald Tusk. According to some people in society, it is not these three people that have anything to do with the rules, laws and policies that Europe make for their 28-member states. Rather, in their minds, they have nothing to do with actually running the Union. They are in their words ‘administrators’, ‘civil servants’.

So as the 14th week of protests started early on a crisp Parisian morning, it was the French who had come out to march and make their voices heard. In the air was a feeling of reinforced determination, after the fact that it was Christophe Dettinger who had been imprisoned for 30 months, that the likes of Didier Andriuex and Alexandre Benalla were still walking free, even after the atrocities that both men inflicted on the public. I guess this is what you get when you are friends of the French Aristocracy. The French resolve will not be broken. It is the will of the French people that will triumph over the very aristocracy the republic once before stood up to. Different times call for a different course of action.

Roll on next weekend. Act 15 is going to have the same levels of intensity and it is going to be out in support of those victims of police brutality. The type of brutality that the mainstream media choses to ignore. Rather it shows images and video that portray the Gilet Juanes/yellow vests as anarchists and anti-social thugs. The truth will out no doubt. When it does, the people that stood up to the injustices of the regime will be looked upon with admiration.

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