Cover-up by Christophe Castaner

There is huge controversy around the fact that Christophe Castaner has been covering up sexual abuses by the police force since he became minister of the interior in 2018. Before being appointed to the interior. He was a prominent lawyer and politician. These allegations stem from the fact that he covered up the appalling acts of one Dr Frey, of the union called Vigi. Dr Frey was representing the staff of the ministry of interior and the national police. The Doctor has been taken into custody and is currently under judicial supervision for several sexual assaults that occurred whilst he was seeing patients. So far 9 women have come forward to lay claims of assault against the doctor. It was Christophe Castaner himself, and other members of the interior that were aware of these despicable acts, dating back to October 24, 2018, according to the union at the centre of these publicly made allegations. The members of the union Vigi are calling for the resignation of two of the interior’s highest members, Christophe Castaner, minister of the interior and also Eric Morvan who is the director general of the national police force. This ties very much in with the fact that there are people on the streets calling the likes of these people to resign their posts. It is an abuse of the powers that were given to them. Instead of protecting citizens, these men would rather cover up the people that are close friends to them, a buddy-system where no one at the top of society is actually held responsible for deplorable actions.

It is the men like these that are a scourge on the French society. It is men like these that bring about the depravity and shame of the establishment. It is men like these that is the reason there is so much shame in French politics today. Why is there not systems in place to stop people in power from doing what they like? It is disgusting and it is something that needs to be eradicated from society. People like these should have their parliamentary privileges revoked. Why should the abuses of power and trust be rewarded with extravagant lifestyles, all the while there are victims that are affected by the actions that these types of men and women openly decide for them on a day to day basis. Without even knowing the situation that people in normal society are having to face as a direct result of the policies they make.

This is just another cover up on the grandest of scales. Unfortunately, this kind of travesty goes on not just in the republic but in the UK Germany, Spain, in any country in the world. Let’s not just single French society out here. This deplorable behaviour is consistent all over the western and eastern world. As the protests in France move from strength to strength. Issues like these are coming to the forefront of the minds of the people that are holding this movement together. To them these are the real issues as to what is important to the people. They at least are not disengaged from society, from the everyday working man/woman.

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