The discontent of French citizens and why

For a consecutive 15th week the mobilization of the Gilet Juanes took to the streets to make their collective voice heard. Once again there was widespread demonstrations from the side of the oppressed. What I have been witnessing, and from the news I am sent by people in the movement shows that there is very little dialogue happening between the powers that be and the everyday people. If anything, that the polarisation between rich and poor has become the ‘ultra-rich’ and ‘ultra-poor’. What started as a French social movement has far exceeded anything that anyone could ever imagine possible. From France to the UK, to Belgium and Vietnam and right across the world.

There are demonstrations that are taking place, where people have woken up to the fact that their own governments have been pulling the wool over their eyes for decades. Using public money to fund lavish lifestyles, making bogus claims on expense accounts etc etc. Why is money being spent on these types of people that think that they can get away with it? It is absolutely disgraceful, if it was someone of the public that was frauding the system, they would have the full weight of the law come down on them. Only because these people are in positions of power do they think it is their right to do whatever they please.

This segway’s into the next thing I am going to show my displeasure. In France, it is the very national anthem, the most nationalist symbol, that any citizens model’s themselves under. Why is it then that there is a police militia force, hell bent on denying the people of France their opportunity at expressing themselves against the very fundamental values that it means to be French. When the aristocracy of French society dictate to its citizen what they can and can not do, there seems to be a gross disconnection between from what the people want. I draw your attention to the 1968 student protests in France. Through the collective voice that this brought, they were able to brig the French elites to their knees. Why you may ask? They took away the very bread and butter that the elitist culture thrives on…. Money. The students were able to cripple the French economy, to the point that the people that were in charge, had no other choice, but to fold, and repeal their policies that they forced onto the public. I take you back even further to 1789, ‘The French Revolution’. This was a far reaching social and political upheaval that brought the French monarchy to its knees. Instead, the establishment of a secular and democratic republic…. That is where the very name of ‘The French Republic’ comes from. It is one of the things what all French citizens these days model themselves on.

This is the very thing that ‘Jupiter’ (Emanuel Maron) has lost sight of. As he is the product of the Rothschild’s, one of the world’s most influential and powerful families. He is no longer able to effectively speak truthfully to the people he is supposed to serve. Instead, he has become the puppet of the Rothschild family and pursues their ambitions rather than that of the French public. It is a disgrace that a politician can so easily be swayed by money and power, but this is one of the very reasons that the Yellow Vest movement has garnered so much support throughout France, and why it has spread like wild fire to other parts of the world.

So as people of France gathered again, the let up of anger and hatred of the ruling class continued. People with their banners were out in force, with a gathering that was one of the biggest to date. Why are we seeing greater and greater numbers take to the streets you may ask? It is because more and more people are sick and tired of the reforms and the policies that are being forced on to them by members of the aristocracy. I use this term in the strongest way possible. Because in effect, they are being ruled by a Rothschild product, an aristocrat of society. As the French MSM are spreading fake news. But not just only from the French side of the MSM. There is also the English MSM that is spreading fake news about us as Gilet Juanes. A article published by the guardian (a Uk based newspaper) falsely claims that it was the Gilet Juanes that attacked a French philosopher, during act 14!! This is far from the truth. What they fail to say is that it was a jihadist that lashed out, and it had nothing to do with the GJ. It is stories like this that attempts to weaken the very movement that has been create, as well as falsifying the true numbers of people that are converging on the streets of Paris and other major cities around France, the truth of this is only evident in the shear amount of bodies that are shown with the yellow vest on, numbers do not lie. |But the press do. So I urge you. Please be careful what facet of the media you choose to put your faith in. It is fact now that yellow vest protesters outnumber the French militia. ‘We will never give up’, ’we will never be silenced’. La Famile stands strong!! It is the citizens that will bring the government to their knees. Every elitist, globalist, government worker better watch out. The people that you have let down are en marche!! We will dismantle the very fabric of what you have structured your way of life on.


  1. Very good article but soon Brexit will be overturned and 17.4 million will have to decide what they will do about that. After years of abuse and attacks we can not allow them to steal our vote making us the people irrelevant. We will take to the streets in a way never before seen in the U.K. we need you’re support as we support you.

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    • I will be on the front lines bringing you the stories that matter most, that the corrupt MSM are unwilling to truthfully report on.


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