Progress moving forward

The progress moving forward.

By Alex Huskinson


Tear gas has been filling the air, rubber bullets having been fired and the weight of the truncheon has been raining heavily down on the battered and bruised bodies of the French Gilet Juanes. But has this deturbed them? No it has not! For the an 18th straight week we have seen protest between the citizens of France and Emanuel Macrons militia force come face to face in heated arguments. Arguments that have resulted in the escalation in tensions between the two opposing forces. The whole weight of the Gilet Juanes is comprised of the fed up, proud citizens of the French Republic. While the CRS and the militia forces hired by Jupiter have once again shown their true colours. They are in no way protecting and serving their country. Quite the opposite. They have been raining down terror on the sovereign citizens of France. No longer does the police protect the very people that they first took up the post of doing. It has now turned into a sort of policed state, where free speech and the right to express ones self has been eradicated.

For the 18th consecutive week we have been seeing people take to the streets to voice their anger at the reforms that Emanuel Macron and his gang of goonies has forced onto the French public. There has been no wavering or no compromise from the French government who are hell bent on not giving any ground at all. Soon will come the day that even the mighty Rothschilds can no longer protect Macron and his band of outlaws. Soon will come the time that the very heart of the ‘En Marche’ party will come to a crash and burn.

Act 18 was one of the most violent protests that I had witnessed ever since week 5 and 7. Why this sudden escalation in violence? Was it because there was a resurgence in numbers because of the 4 month milestone? Far from it. There is a group of Ultra left thugs, very similar in status to the of Antifa that high jacked the processions taking place. There has been much speculation in the movement as to hy they were present at this particular day, during what was supposed to be a march of consolidation. Speculation has it that Castaner, the minister of the interior had a hand in allowing these thugs to be present. But why were they not stopped? They do not after all share the same ethos of the Yellow vests. They were there to create mayhem. And mayhem they did. They torched a bank, resulting in a mother and baby being hospitalised, they from very early on aggravated and forced the hand of the French police, which ultimately led to the direct escalation of tension for the rest of the day, and a long day it was indeed. Reports and talk were rampant! ‘Paris burns’. It truly was a day that will not be forgotten. Historic buildings caught fire because of the grenades being hurled at protestors by the CRS. The Yellow Vests are being blamed for that, even though footage clearly shows it is the weaponry used by Macrons men. But this is what the media does after all. It twists and turns factual news into what they want the public to believe. But thanks to live streaming and reporters who are not afraid of telling the logos, the truth is trickling out to the unsuspecting citizens right across the globe.

So as act 19 fast approaches there is still a renewed passion for bringing the establishment, the elitist, globalist aristocracy of society to their knees. I have been following the events that are going on in the UK and the fight of the people who are standing up for their very democracy. Fast approaches the day that the UK will leave the EU, it has been written in law that the UK leaves on the 29th. Anything less will be a clear violation of law and furthermore, be a catastrophe to the very democracy that the UK holds so close to its chest. Mass resignations in the house of commons needs to happen to get the traitors that go against the will of the people, out of office and be stripped of everything that they have stolen from the sovereign, democratic citizens of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.


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