Side have been chosen and lines have been drawn

We have ow come to the final week before the deadline of the Brexit vote, the vote that 17.4 million people voted for. The 17.4 million people democratically voted to leave the European Union. It has now become a farce, a slap in the face of true democracy. It has become a wrangling of politicians saying the same thing over and over again. Remember back in 2016, when David Cameron said that it was going to be what the people wanted and not what the politicians in parliament wanted…. Gone of those days. The likes of Anna Soubry Dominic Grieves and the rest of the traitorous bunch have done everything in their power to do anything, at all costs, to stay in the European Union. It is fact that politicians each get 7000 pounds per year for promoting EU ideologies. It is the MP’s that are at the forefront of every dirty tactic that the EU puts out. So why should they want to leave the EU when they get paid handsomely to remain? Not everyone is tarnished with the same brush, however, there are MP’s in parliament that have stood by the people and their democratic right to want to leave.

We are drawing close to the time that the people of the United Kingdom, from England, from Wales, from Northern Ireland and Scotland are going to stand together and make our voices heard. For far too long we have been silenced into oppression. But what the elitist culture in the UK does not realise is that when you wake the lion, you have to expect to get mauled. That is what is going to happen this coming Friday. All the lions and lionesses of the UK come together in one place, that is London. Make your voice really count. Parliament single handedly stripped away our democracy, they have pout to shame the very system of voting for what is right. The time to choose sides has been drawn. You are either with us or against us. Now is the time to suit up and bring the fight to the traitorous bunch that dwell in west minster.

No doubt the likes of the BBC will be doing all they can to down play any such rebellion. But now, the of the BBC has been seriously tarnished. They are the ones that have chosen their side. They have to now live with the consequences of their actions. I call on everyone that is reading this to boycott the BBC and their EU propaganda. To make well informed decisions based on crowd sourced news. Remember people, if only one outlet is arguing against what the majority of news outlets are saying… what does this tell you?  It tells you that someone is trying to twist and turn a story into something that is not factually based. This is how fake news starts people. It is the very thing that has been destroying the factual reality of what actually happened on the ground. Remember people, there are many documented times where the BBC and the establishment have staged instances in order to g3et their viewer/readership up. Please do not be fooled.

This Friday marks the day that we as a country will rise up and take to the streets to show our disgust in the way parliament has single handedly destroyed the very foundation of what it means to be English, Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish. Now is the time to stand up and be counted. It is the will of the people that will hine through in the end.

I hope to see you all there, outside Westminster on Friday the 29th of March for a day that will go down in history as the day that the people came out and fought against the corruption that is rife in parliament and in the EU. Power to the people and I wish everybody a safe and meaningful protest this Friday.

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