D-Day in London!!!

I arrived into Victoria, London with the knowing that today, the 29th of March was going to be a momentous day in the history of the British public. There is a sense of quiet as I sit in Victoria station eating my full English breakfast and sipping my latte. The feeling is that today, today is going to be a day to remember. We will be creating history. To be a part of history is something that I will remember for a very long time. All the prep, all the posting to various social media platforms, all the angst about being shadow banned from Facebook. It had finally arrived. The day that we were going to take back our country, once and for all. Gone of the days that MP’s in parliament would be able to dictate to the people how they should act. The sense that the days of authoritarian dictatorship were finally to be over.

Before I leave Victoria, I am making sure that I write a preliminary article about how I envisage the day panning out and making certain comments regarding the effort that the people have gone to. We have people converging into London from all over the country. Why? For the sole reason to make sure that the voice of 17.4 million people, the majority of the UK is upheld. To all the people that did not vote, I do not believe that you have a right to say that you want to remain or leave. You chose to not vote, and this was your democratic decision. I hold nothing against you in this regard. Just that there are people, that took the time to make their voice heard. You can’t just jump on board when you see the tides of wind have turned in the favour of leavers. As we all converge on Westminster, I am reminded of the time that the UK stood up for their freedom of rights on the beaches of Normandy and Dunkirk. Like on those days, it was down to the people of the British public to repel the forces of those that seek to destroy the very fabric of our society. As we sand together, we are not only tackling the very corruption that is rampant in the house of parliament. But we are also fighting against the tyranny that is the modern-day Nazi regime of the EUSSR.

There are conservative thinking groups of all backgrounds that are turning up in Westminster and it is thee groups that are going to voice their concerns at the incompetence that has been shown by the so-called politicians that sit in the house of commons. It is people like those in Westminster that are self-interested and are pursuing their own ambitions. They are the ones that are happy receiving their 7000 pounds per year from the EU. They are the ones that have their fancy pension schemes, they are the ones that have expense accounts. It is the very scum like that that is eating away at the very democracy of the United Kingdom. So as these groups converge, it is the ones that sit in parliament that try to undermine what they stand for and what they as sovereign citizens are striving to preserve. All over the country today there is going to be widespread demonstration’s, there is going to be protests in many of the leave constituencies. It will be the boots on the ground in London that will be creating the loudest voice. We have all given up days at work to come support the United Kingdom. It is now people of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that we stand together and take the fight to the streets of London. There is no doubt at all that the like of the ultra-left and Antifa will be there, creating and stirring trouble. As yellow vests, we must not give in to the tactics that these hooligans will stoop to.

I have been doing my calls to action, I have been posting to my social media platforms, all with the aim and goal that today will be the day that all our hard work and effort will finally be recognised, and change will come. In my opinion. We will be hard pressed to change the minds of the aristocracy of English society. It is them after all that are happy staying in the EU and preserving their capital, in the European mainland. This we cannot let happen people. T is down to us to bring to account the very people that seek to destroy our democracy. It is in danger of falling apart if we do not take a stand today, the 29th of March.

If you are in London. Then come see me, I will be on the front lines of the protest, in amongst the thick of it.

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