A monumental victory

Much speculation had been building up to the five yearly European elections. Of which, the political landscape moving forward would be etched into history. Ever since Steve Banon made the choice to influence the populist movement in Europe was the right wing parties of European sovereign nation be able to  make the leaps and bounds that has now seen the demolition of the centrist and left wing MEP’s in the European parliament.

If you follow my blogs you would have read that I covered the start of the populist movement in Europe. Back when the MSM had not blanketed the spread of information around Steve Banon and his plans for a more connected sovereign Europe. The ‘right’ across Europe suddenly found their voice, one that in my opinion had been suppressed for so long. The left unfortunately had a choke hold on what was later to be seen as an attack on nationalism, pride and self-identity. This was directly spear-headed by the Elitist, cultural, globalist propaganda that the four horsemen – Juncker, Tusk, Merkel and Soros waged against the citizens of Europe. Like back then I made the prediction that the left would suffer catastrophic losses when the European elections were held in May. I can safely say that the time and day has come. The results have been broadcast to people from all around the world. And today, the great continent of Europe is waking up to a new dawn. The heralding of political change. Away from the fear mongering and the governmental controls forced upon citizens unable to make sense of what is happening to them. The controls that the likes of George Soros and other high-profile globalist individuals have on media sources and governmental sources are over!! The controls on MSM reporting will now be held accountable for the traitorous rebellions, spear-headed by the BBC, Euronews and Cnews.

There will be political figures that will start coming out trying to save their political careers with statements like ‘I am regretfully sorry’, ‘I was misinformed’ and ‘I was only doing what my boss was telling me’. We must hold strong and dismiss these diversion tactics. But instead remind them that they carried out acts of treason against the people of their respective nations and against Europe. That their actions have consequences.

It is today that we see history being made. It is today that the powers across Europe have awoken. It is today that those people who chose their sides will be reaping the rewards or downfalls their chosen path decided to take them on. For myself, I am just grateful that the end of the tyrannical dictatorship of the European Union can finally start to fall in on itself. I hope now that the EU will be investigated for all the murders of journalists, who lost their lives while uncovering the deep-rooted corruption that was so rampant throughout the Union itself. It is today that those families of the fallen can look positively towards this new political landscape that will be etched into the fabrics of history. It is my firm belief that these cowards that gave these orders to kill will be held responsible. It may take years, but they deserve answers. That influx of migrants will be checked, that the one percent will have tougher, stringent measures put on how their money can be hidden away from taxation. These are the sought of things that we will start to see roll out right throughout Europe. As the move from a collective Unionised powerhouse to individual countries starts. It is in my opinion that we will finally start to see policies like these implemented.

Moving forward this has been a monumental victory for the people that sought to overthrow the tyrannical dictatorship of the EU. Now the globalist agenda forcefully shoved down the throats of EU citizens will now come to an end. The migration from African and middle eastern countries will now be harder than ever. I am sure that there will be small pockets of resistance. But as we live in a democratic continent, democracy will prevail. One such thing ideal that the liberal left have forgotten.


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