The struggles

The struggles of power and class that have seen a simple demonstration against fuel tax rises in France has now escalated into what can easily been seen as the biggest social movement of the twenty first century. Through the pure grit and power of the suppressed French people, we now see the simplest of symbols ‘a yellow vest’ being symbolized as an expression of freedom against a ruling class that at every step tries to oppress the working mans voice. The very idea of democracy is at stake when those that wield the calling cards become disconnected from society and then turn on the very people that got them into office in the first place. The struggles felt by the lower and middle classes through France demonstrate how this polarization in society has led to the Yellow Vest Movement becoming a symbol of hope, a symbol of freedom and a symbol of true democracy at work.

It is now clear, that across the world there are discourse communities that all collectively share the same ideals, the same fighting spirit and the same willingness to bring their own governmental tyranny to judgement. The shift of blame, once thought to reside I the working class has been discovered to not be products of their own downfalls, but rather that of the elitist culture that is rampant throughout all corners of business, education and law. There are special regulations for a select minority of powerful people when there are harsh and crippling regulations put on simple people that try to break the bounds of servitude to a system that at every turn is against them. The elitist minority are able to shift their assets to overseas tax havens, run companies out of bogus off shore limited companies, all the while there are hard working people that get taxed up to the eyeballs. They are doomed from the start. I believe in fair business, this is not fir business people. This is corporate manipulation at its most evil.

Predominantly the mainstream media in every single anglophone country has in some way been influenced by the two greatest native English-speaking nations on Earth – The United Kingdom and the United States. Through the BBC and BBC world services to CNN in the United States. There is propagandist manipulation on the highest level, molding the minds of its viewers. Media manipulation on the part of these media moguls has created a ‘media blackout’ when it comes to reporting the factual accuracy of protesting citizens across the globe. Recently there has been media blackout in relation to the police brutality in the Yellow Vest protests in Paris, in Lyon, in Bordeaux and the rest of France, corrupt media has blanketed the protest occurring in Brussels, in Holland, in America, in Taiwan, in the Philippines. Globally the MSM is silencing and oppressing the citizens that rely on these channels to get their ‘daily fix of news’. Too bad these moguls are dictating what they can and cannot listen to and watch.  The world that we live in today has been turned into nothing more than overly politically correct snowflakes. It is the ideological views of the 1% that have crippled the free speech of society and has brainwashed the very people that are growing up to one day become world leaders, leaders in business, leaders in science. It is this manipulation that is the product of societal degradation.

So as a family, it does not matter if you are related by blood. It only matters that you stand together with the ones that extend their arms to you in the greatest moments of need. It is the very right of those that are being oppressed and silenced and subjugated to stand up and continue the fight against the evil that is plaguing our very democracy – Government leaders, Members of parliament, media moguls, elitism, globalists. All those that seek to destroy us. We are in dark times and it is only through your continued support that we as Gilet Juane can truly break these shackles of oppression and live in a a world where those that have destroyed it have been removed.


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