What was Macrons speech supposed to acheive?


The centenary of world war one brought together world leaders to Paris, to remember the fallen, the ones that gave their lives for the sovereign nations these brave men fought for. One such thing that these soldiers stood up for was the national ideas that they felt strongly about. When their national identity and culture was under threat. they stood up to oppression.

The French president took to the stage, in front of world press to openly say that ‘nationalism is destroying the patriotism’. What a time to bring something like this to up to say, on the day the world was remembering fallen heroes. This centrist president quoted by the guardian newspaper as saying, ‘old demons were resurfacing’. In my opinion this was a clear dig at the populist movement, bringing down elitism throughout not only Europe but furthermore the world. World leaders met later in the day after…

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What was Macrons speech supposed to acheive?

The centenary of world war one brought together world leaders to Paris, to remember the fallen, the ones that gave their lives for the sovereign nations these brave men fought for. One such thing that these soldiers stood up for was the national ideas that they felt strongly about. When their national identity and culture was under threat. they stood up to oppression.

The French president took to the stage, in front of world press to openly say that ‘nationalism is destroying the patriotism’. What a time to bring something like this to up to say, on the day the world was remembering fallen heroes. This centrist president quoted by the guardian newspaper as saying, ‘old demons were resurfacing’. In my opinion this was a clear dig at the populist movement, bringing down elitism throughout not only Europe but furthermore the world. World leaders met later in the day after remembrance for a peace forum. One that president Trump did not attend. This very much shows that they Americans are giving the Europeans the breathing space to be able to sort out their own internal problems.

Mainstream media however, with their dog whistles are twisting this into a travesty of international proportions. That in some way, the American president did not care about fallen soldiers. This is an absolute pile of garbage and for them to have the audacity to voice such a notion is nothing short of ‘old demons’ destroying the very patriotism that Macron was speaking about.

What is left of the pro elitist politicians with any credibility (I do not hold Macron in this list) are clinging on to any stage they can to try and fix what they destroyed. Gone of the times that neo liberals ruled the Europe with an invisible iron fist. Sovereign European citizens are clued onto how these liberals were destroying their own identities, the very core of what made, not only themselves but the country they reside in unique, powerful and a key player in geopolitical terms.

Rather than propping up corrupt politicians and liberals why are we not investing in the infrastructure that is able to monitor these dirt bag people? The European Union and the September 2017 resolution on anti-corruption is clearly not going far enough to tackle this problem. Instead why not take advice from a country like my own, New Zealand. It has the lowest rates of corruption in the world. The fact that so much of the civil service in New Zealand is regulated is paramount to the success of it consistently being named the most anti corrupt country in the world. This however is not in the self- interests of the elitist culture. If they were to be regulated, no more could they sway their back-door deals to financially benefit themselves as the end user is screwed over. Macron and to extension Angela Merkel are the public faces of this corrupt agenda. They have been the forerunners on the mass immigration policies that are destroying the continent. It has been these two that have opened their countries to the extremities of radical ideological individuals. The types of people that our fallen fought so fiercely against, to protect us from the dangers of these people. But what the French and Germans want to promote in order to appease their master, George Soros. What that man is doing to the continent is nothing short of criminal, he should be made to answer for the travesty that he himself has put into motion.

In my opinion the power that Emmanuel Macron holds these days has dwindled considerably since coming to power in France. A new type of president for the French republic in the way that he is very much a centrist, rather than the more traditional left that the French have typically had to rule their country, are now seeing that this president has a very unclear idea of French history. The notion that he compared himself to the great Charles de Gaul was an absolute joke. One that the French public did not find funny at all. No, it seems that the centrist views of this green politician are in every way of the word unfit for the political system of French government. What about what your men fought for? Does that hold no significance to you at all Mr Macron? If it did then you would not be politicizing the elitists views of EU bureaucrats. Do your country a favour and step aside Mr Macron. You will not only be doing your country a great justice but also the European continent as well. Take the lead of your close partner Angela Merkel and resign.



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The German Chancellor pitfalls

The latest political figures stress that Angela Merkel has dwindled her last remaining support. Losing the latest round of polling. It is the German Chancellors wish that she steps down as Chancellor in 2021. But will Friedrich Merz leader of the AfD, right wing party allow something like this to occur. He is after all the front runner to replace Angela Merkel in the federal elections. Let us not forget that there is also the likes of Steve Bannon, Matteo Salvini, Giuseppe Conte and Viktor Orban. These high-profile players in the European geopolitical landscape will no doubt have a say in how this political feud will eventually play out.

In my opinion. There is no way that the forward marching right-wing party of Germany will allow the leftist puppet of George Soros to keep her decision-making power for another 3 years. The like of Merkel and co have already started in motion the desolation of Europe with corruption, ideologies and grouping of individuals. This grouping of individuals creates paradigms that have extreme adverse effects on the society that they dwell in. Once upon a time there was a sense that there was a unity between all human being. Unfortunately, there has been this leftist push that has created a divided and broken society. Right throughout Europe.

What Angela Merkel has tried, unsuccessfully to achieve is a sense of ‘making up for the genocidal past of Germany’. That is, she takes in all these hard done by migrants. That somehow in her own ideological thinking, she is making up for that dark part of German history. No one likes talking about the fact that Germany murdered people for in the seek of perfection. With that past, the world will never forget. No amount of wishing upon a star will magically bring peoples view about Germany around.

This influx of people I am referring to is the migrant that are escaping their own countries I search of the green, green grass of Europe. When war was ravaging their countries, people had a sympathetic view on these illegals. However, there is a time now that the wars that drove them seeking refuge have gone. Why is it that the Germans and European Union should decide on whether these people should be allowed asylum now? Now that what once drove them away is now no longer an influence?

I agree that not enough is being done on the African side. Thousands of people have died making the perilous journey over the Mediterranean. These deaths are on the European Union, Germany and Frances shoulders. It is their burden to bare. Why should normal citizens have to pay with their own free liberties to have other uncultured individuals set up camp in their country?

What was once a clear majority for the German Chancellor has now turned into a show of ‘fight for survival’ and although she has been a political survivor for thirteen years. Her tenure has come to an end. I make comparison here to the United Kingdom prime minister. Where she has made some rash unforgiving decisions that have ultimately ruined any dynasty that she could hope to cement. She will always be remembered as the prime minister that bungled Brexit. Very much the same as Angela Merkel, only she was the orchestrator of the downfall of Europe as we know it.

Gone are the days of grouping people into sub categories. Look at the impact that is having throughout, not just Europe but also the world. It is damaging, dangerous and it simply cannot go on. This grouping has created a culture of people thinking that it is ok to allow people to come and go as they please. To set up camp anywhere they wish. Liberals abolished political correctness, now look where it has gotten us. Youths running amuck, parents too scared to discipline their children, livelihoods put in jeopardy, lives put at risk through living next door to illegals. Bring on the 2019 European Elections. I cannot wait for the day of reckoning. The day that people make a push back against all this neoism.


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Planning the fall of Europe

National sovereignty is the root cause of the most crying evils of our times. The only remedy for this evil is the Federal Union of the peoples. This is at the entrance of the European Parliament. The European Union has revealed its true nature: a federalist monster that will not stop at nothing until Nations in Europe have been demolished. With nations like Hungary, Italy and other Vicegrad countries, who wish to hold on to their national heritage, the EU forces mass immigration onto them. If these countries do not comply. Then we all know what happens when they do not comply. They get slapped with threats of sanctions from different EU articles. Article 7 springs to mind.


As the EU and its corrupt bureaucrats move towards creating a super federal state, they see that the way to achieve this is by the means of flooding European countries with immigrants from Africa. In doing so they break away at the very fundamental axis on which these great nations were built. In effect EU bureaucrats are carrying on the dream of one Richard Von Caudenhove-kalergi – president of the Pan European movement. He ha the ideological view of creating a new world order based on the federation of Nations (European Union). In his delusion Kalergi explained in his book Praktischer idealismus that the future of the United States of Europe would not involve people of the olden Europe. Rather it would be made up of a new race of citizens. Hence the influx of migrants from the African continent.

On this basis. What is the European Union doing? Allowing thousands of migrants to flood in from Africa. The Elite hide and mask this with propaganda such as “it is just the inevitable next step”. This is absolute nonsense. Liberal dribble, concocted by leftist bureaucrats, sitting around a table, making decisions for the everyone, as they see fir for their own self interests.

I have seen great countries erode to nothing more than a hollow shadow of their former glory. The UK when I was growing up was a country to be revered. Now though they have opened themselves up to the PC police, to people that have systematically destroyed they very fabric of what made Britain ‘Great’. And now to show for it. The UK is an openly sensitive pile of, mess, one that an individual should be ashamed of.

Germany feels ashamed of its genocidal past. They are doing everything they can, just to distance themselves with that shameful past. In doing so they have become laxed and under the thumb of EU bureaucrats, who are taking advantage of this lax in reasoning. Their economy is the largest in the European bloc. In this case they have a very large amount of political power over the smaller members of the bloc. Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany has single handedly destroyed the political integrity of the country. All with the view of helping the Union forward their plans of creating this United States of Europe. In comes the AfD (Alternative for Germany), just look what she has created. A right-wing party that continues to grow in popularity. Not since the days of Hitler has there been a right-wing party in the German Bundestag. Though I do not agree totally with what they stand for. They are helping to make citizens aware of the atrocities made by the German Chancellor.

Finally, the people of Europe have awakened from their stupor. Finally, citizens of proud European nation states have stood up to the European dictatorship. Power to the people. Unfortunately, there will always be some liberal leftie that sees the world as an “altogether in harmony man”. These people are deluded and need their heads checked. It is because of people like this that we are fighting for our national pride. Stop being so overly sensitive and being afraid to offend others at times.

Power to the people!!!!

European Union Corruption murder

Over the past year there has been four journalists murdered in Europe. The latest victim is the Bulgarian journalist Victoria Marinova, 30, working as an administrative administrator for TVN local television in Northern Bulgaria. Marinova and her colleagues were investigating claims that the European Union funding for the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, according to the committee to Protect journalists This is another case of more European Union corruption going on. So many instances of corruption by the EU continues repeatedly. Victoria obviously stumbled across something that she was not supposed to see, ultimately paying the price of that with her own life. What is being circulated to try and deviate from what is going on, is this. A man has been arrested in Germany over the death of the 30-year-old journalist. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has become so polarised, in fairness, what are we supposed to believe these days. Yes, there is truth to this, of course there is. There is on the other hand mainstream media has the tendency to sensationalise news.

Bulgarian interior minister, Mladan Marinov has come out straight away saying that ‘there is no evidence that her murder has anything to do with the corruption that she was looking in to’. He goes on further to say that it was about rape and murder’. Bulgarian police are going to be releasing more details on Monday.

Is the European Union trying to silence those that are snooping into their mis-appropriation of funds, keeping the allies to the EU safe and in a plentiful amount of funds. They sell this to the country with the promise of improving infrastructure. However, sadly enough though, the bulk of this money does not go into acquiring materials that are long lasting. Instead, money is saved by buying second rate materials, with the surplus amount being funnelled into bank accounts off-shore or in tax havens.


With more information coming to light concerning the corruption of the EU, journalists from different sectors in European media have no longer become safe. Drew Sullivan, co-founder of the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project has spoken out that the European Commission needs to launch a full investigation into the murder of Victoria Marinova. I see one big gaping hole into the problem that this will cause. Nothing will get done, at the end of the day, the EU will send in their own men to investigate, they are on the books of George Soros, everything will get swept under the rug. Even with all the growing tensions from the global community. What should be happening is there needs to be an independent investigator. Someone that has no tie to the Union or Europe, someone that has investigative knowledge when dealing with a high-profile case such as this. unfortunately, the level of corruption has spread into every corner of European society.

Let us not use this as a political gain for people to gain leverage on. This is in no way morally right. There will be people that call me a propagandist and a Russian sympathiser. But let me ask you this. All I try to do is give everyone a different perspective on what is happening, real-time in Europe. Paid people are smearing any attempt of individuals that are speaking out against tyranny. It has been people like Victoria and Jan than have paid the ultimate price for the Unions fraudulent behaviour. No body speaking out against the Union is safe. No matter what level of society you belong to. It is the right and moral duty of citizens and netizens to bring to a standstill the malicious behaviour that has destroyed Europe.

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The populist movement in Europe

During the last French democratically held elections, there was a big shock as it seemed as though a right-wing party would actually be a front running contender to win the general election. Hard fought though the national front and Merine Le Pen narrowly missed out. Defeated by the centrist Macron. The liberal left of Europe thought that they could breathe a sigh of relief. That however was not the case. Not long after the cracks within the parties, Europe-wide were being put to the test. The Alternative for Germany (AFD) gained 94 seats in the Bundestag (Germany’s government), the anti-immigrant businessman Andrei Babis became the prime minister of the Czech Republic (a politician plagued by corruption allegations I may add), and then there was in Austria the right-wing Freedom Party, which took 26% of the national vote to become a coalition partner. Further south you have the five-star movement in Italy. Not to mention Brexit and the election of Donald Trump to the highest position in the land, President of the United States of America.

Throughout Europe the governing political bodies have drastically fallen out of favour with the voting public. But why is this? Well. One reason is the sway held by the Philanthropist and businessman George Soros. He has single handedly destroyed the very essence that made Europe so great, with his Open Borders policy (amongst others). For once the people of Europe are fighting back. What the liberal bureaucrats never envisioned (or were completely blind to), was the fact that it is the people that hold the true power. Not pencil pushing desk jockies. Oh, but I could not just blame this on just one man. After all, it has been a collective fau-par. The overbearingness of the European Union: its authoritarian rule over its members have indeed cast aside the loyalties that once were awarded to the Union. Just like the Soviet Union fell, so is the European Union. Alll from the miscalculations from the top. This is a problem with the extreme left. They think of good ideas, but when it comes to putting in that all too important hierarchical system, they fall depressingly short.

The rise of this populist movement has been quite ingenious. Toning down the rhetoric has taken these parties from merely ‘surviving on scraps’, to actual being in positions of power. Really able to make change happen. Le Penn was a master at this.  Now, because of the lessons learnt, the right now has the ability to bring the liberal elitists to their knees. In my opinion, they should be put behind bars. Their dirty tactics have destroyed the Union that was supposed to bring all the European countries together.

Come the European Elections next year there comes the time that the liberal elitists can finally be brought to justice.  I hope that the new order will bring to these liberals what they deserve. To see Europe taking a different direction is going to be something that is going to be monumentally significant to the entire global system. What I am worried about though is that we will be replacing one authoritarian regime with another.