Capitalism in the West and the left v right saga

I do not see myself as being right wing, rather I like to gauge what both sides of the political sphere are saying and then make a conscious decision that fits within my own beliefs. People that read this however will tangle my words, make me out to be a hard-right extremist, hell bent on bringing chaos and destruction to the world. This unequivocally is false. The West has gotten somethings right, sovereignty for example. Capitalism in the world, a western make-up is largely successful. However, capitalism comes with its own set of incongruous ideals. One such cancer that ‘comes with the territory’, is corruption.

I comment on the plight of corruption regularly. I state in my own sovereign way of thinking, that the powers; Bureaucrats and politicians are the culprits. Bringing to their knees entire economies, with one goal in mind, monetary gain. Now I am all for monetary gain. Financial freedom entitles you to accomplish and achieve that that would not be possible with a lack of funds. One good point for capitalism is that it encourages people to strive for more.capitalism

Unfortunately, as that individual accumulates his/her wealth. They become a sort of aristocracy of society. Suddenly doors start opening, connections are made. This is the moment that they see the opportunity (in their own minds), that because of power and influence, suddenly the law does not apply. Suddenly, an elitist is born, to the elitist, the law does not apply. How is an individual with a small net worth suddenly, almost overnight come about the being the owner of a seven, eight figure bank balance, without doing some sort of shady activity.

Society has a major role to play in this. It has allowed the institutions, set up to protect our freedoms, being the cause of our lack of freedom. Non-Government Organisations (NGO’S), the Open Society, human traffickers. Society has made these. The individuals at the top of these institutions and groups, were once just ordinary people, untainted. However, the curse of capitalism has tainted them, and it has turned them against the people that put them in a position of power.

Unfortunately, the other options open to us are no better, even worse than being a ‘capitalist West’. Communism does not work, we can see that by what happened with the fall of the Soviet Union, in socialism it is anarchy without a hierarchal political system. Something that socialism is opposed to and Marxism is a laughable idiocy, the labour party leader in the UK for example uses as his ethos of moving the labour party forward. All neatly packaged up so to hide his true vision for the country. I found it hilarious today seeing a video uploaded by the HuffPost, showing Jeremy Corbyn scaling an indoor rock-climbing wall. Making something out of nothing, trying to get one up on the conservative leader in the social stakes. Truly laughable. This has got to be the most blatant and obvious form of propaganda by the left in some time now. How much more staged can you get. Who goes rock climbing in a bloody suit. This is just a way of trying to propagandise leftist views on social quality.capitalism 1

It is in my opinion that living in a capitalist state is the true path that the global community should strive for, until something better comes along. I do not agree however that the institutions that have been created to ‘protect us’ should be left to their own devices. This has irrefutably been proved unhealthy. The white helmets in Syria springs to mind. So until I see anything that goes against my beliefs. I will continue to view both the left and the right with ‘a pinch of salt’. The right however, I do see as having the stronger message and clarity moving forward. Well, at least at this point in time.

The fall of the European Union

Much like the fall of the Soviet Union. The European Union is on its way to falling as well. Populist countries, Brexit. These are the fore runners of the downfall of the European Union. Over-bearing authoritarianism, on the part of the select few that make the generalised decision on the fate of the 28, Has just gone too far. Implementing bullying tactics, to get your own way is something that was fought against during both imperialistic world wars. Great Britain (as it was in those days), America stood up against this. Jeremy Hunt recently described the EU as using the same sorts of heavy handed tactics that Lenin, Stalin and the Soviet Union used against it own people. I believe that he is absolutely right in saying so. I myself, after reading about the rise and fall of the Soviet Union (a great book by the way), learnt that there is indeed parallels between the way that the EU is forcing imperialism against its members. Trying to weaken the resolve of the countries so they will ‘bend the knee’ to their demanding nature.

Why then has seemed to be these countries that are willing to stand up to the Union? Quite simply put. George Soros is buying influence of the leaders of these nations. His pockets are deep enough to finance the kind of dirty politics this presents. First and foremost, it is corruption. Look at the guiltiest countries for corrupt politicians. Romania, Croatia, Macedonia these countries have social democratic governments. They are the ones that are the biggest at fault here. It is the equivalent of the labour aristocracy. They say that they are all for the working class. But in hindsight. They are no better than the Elitists that have forced their own personal ideology onto others.

Unfortunately, the EU is caught in a rut that it has dug by itself. Now that the times have gotten tough for them, I personally see a shift in who is controlling the key decision making. When once it was Brussels, there seems to be more voice coming out of Berlin, Germany than the European capital. I speculate that, much like what the conservative party in Britain are doing with Theresa  May, they are looking for a scapegoat. They see that Angela Merkel will not survive the near future and can twist this in their favour, to shift the blame of the EU misgivings onto Germany. Who in turn tarnish any good legacy that the German Chancellor has. Trump has done the same thing with the Obama legacy. Trump was able to strip away everything that was Obama-ised.

The Union is trying so desperately to sow the fear of economic collapse, if other members do not fall back not place. However, the framework that the EU uses (one size fits all) is not relevant in the kind of playing field. Germany and its economy need a much more in-depth evaluation of infrastructure, economics or regional politics than a country like Hungary would have. Culturally vastly different. In short, each country has its own unique way of evaluating what works best for them. Not an imperialistic entity that is so drunk on power now that it has to resort to forceful antics. What ever happened to freedom of speech? Nope, they want to take that away from us too.

It is my opinion, that seeing the regular outcries from EU member states and the unwillingness for the EU to take heed. Slowly but surely, the smaller member states will be adopting the framework set out by Britain, in their own sovereign way. Something that should have been allowed but was oppressed. Take warning Juncker and Tusk. Your members are not happy, soon no amount of bribery and corruption can keep back the gates of hell. It will be your own fault. You will shift the blame, yes. But everyone that is smart enough will see that it was fat-cats that brought Europe to her knees. Not its member states.

The European agreement to the Aquarius illegals

Once again, the rescue ship operating in the Mediterranean has rescued more migrants making the perilous journey from North Africa over the Med and into Europe. This time 68 people have been said to have been taken on board, including women and children, if the reports are to be believed. As we know. The EU tends to report what it wants just to look good. It has been the island of Malta that on this occasion has agreed to take in all refugees. But there is a twist to this. They are offloading them to France, Portugal, Spain and Germany in a deal that was brokered by the European Union in order to disperse even numbers to its core supporters. Italy said no. Infact, according to an article by (2018, online), it has been Italy that has seen the Panama registration, of the privately-owned Aquarius ship henceforth revoked. This allows the ability to dock and undock in ports around the world. It means that it if it were to dock in a country. It would not be able to exit any port. A ploy by Rome to have the Aquarius ships activities halted.

The European Union’s inability to deal with this migrant crisis underlines the clear lack of positional judgement needed to stem the flow of illegals entering European borders. Nothing of any serious consequence is really being done. The open borders policy that the European Union is sticking by is a huge mistake. Why? It is turning countries against them. No citizen wants to live in fear of reprisals from migrants. Where they originate from is vastly different in terms of cultural ideals than what European countries are awarded. Will more people being killed by these migrants of Syria, Iraq, Somalia et al, be needed to address the problem they pose. How many people need to die before the EU has the guts to say no?

Unfortunately, because of the corruption culture that is widespread in the EU parliament, they are still able now to make wads of cash from these med crossings. They say they are fighting against human trafficking… God. They are a product of it. They are enforcing it, financing it all to line their greasy pockets. All the while everyone is none the wiser. After all, to the bureaucrats, we are just pieces in a big game of chess, easily maneuvered to bear the economic brunt.

At this point in time, the Aquarius is on her way back to France to dock in her home port of Marseilles whilst she battles to get back her Panama registration. So, in the short term, it seems as if the Italians have won a small victory in their ever-increasing disdain for the Union. I fear though that there is going to be a lot of drownings due to there not being any rescue option for them. Their flimsy boats I just don’t think are going to be able to sustain the back and forth crossings. At some point, something will give. The impact toll on human life will make the mainstream medias feelers stand up on end, they will be reporting pictures of children, the travesty that will have unfolded.

In my opinion there needs to be some serious questions being raised to do with the governments of the African countries lying along the med. It is just not enough to dump their problems onto those that live in Europe. What about incentives to stay, a no entry policy, unless you have an actual job to go to. That’s what happens in other countries. You cannot just arrive somewhere with nothing and expect the people of that country to fork out millions of Euros to sufficiently keep you in food and shelter. While you scream injustice. Is this fair at all, really?


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The Brexit Scapegoat

The top story that has been constantly at the forefront of the British news has? The terrible Brexit negotiations handled by the British Prime Minister, Theresa May and the in-party squabbles of the conservatives. I am a blue supporter. I always have been. However, the ability of this current conservative party and the ground it has given away to the communist hard-left labor party is a real travesty to the democratization of the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, Britain has probably ‘thebrexit’ most unfit, unqualified leader that the conservatives have had ruling the party… ever. She has given in to leftist liberals, given too much privileges away. For Christ sake, she decided to not even stand up to live political debates in the lead up to the last general election. Why? People, she isn’t a good public person. Her trip to Africa was a clear example of how uncomfortable she is in the public eye. Away from being on camera the prime minister can hide behind pre-made speeches, she is able to hide behind well devised speeches. On the global stage, she just cannot do that. In these countries, important trading partners to the UK after Brexit. I found that she was just unable to create a lasting image of solidarity. Something that emerging countries look to places like Britain to ascend to, a framework that they can mirror.

Most people in Britain would love to see Boris Johnson as the new Prime Minister. Yes, he is an amazing public speaker, calls it how he sees it. In the current political climate here in the UK, I don’t see that being the most ideal situation for the conservatives, at all. Jeremy Hunt? He can’t even manage the National Health System. How can he be trusted to manage a whole country? The Home Secretary, Sadiq Khan, I think the whole issue of  knife crime in the capital alone and his inability to tackle this problem will not even put him as a front runner for the big job. Now, currently there is no suitable candidate that could viably take over from Theresa May, without bringing the whole conservative party to its knees. I see that the party, until Britain has formerly left the European Union will not oust her. I do see though that the conservatives will use her as a scape goat for the awful way she has handled Brexit. Unfortunately, she has given into the liberal left. Given them too much room to spread their toxic feelers, as to say.

After March you are going to be hearing a lot of “right, she has gone, we can start making the putting in the steps that are going to make Britain great again”. It is going to be an interesting political time, Just before the EU parliament elections. What a time to be in this part of the world. I can’t wait.

A slap in the face to democracy

The leader of the Labour party here in the UK has flown to Brussels under the premise that he is there to honour the murdered MP Joe Cox with a memorial to honour her, after working in Brussels for many years. This is a kind and fitting tribute to honour her memory. What is clouding this trip however is Jeremy Corbyn’s blatant disregard for the democratic decision that voted on democratically by the British public. As a democratic-socialists, much in line within and Trotsky. He is trying to undermine the very fabric that the decision to leave the EU was built on. It is not his ideals, his ‘vision’. And like the events leading up to the revolution of 1917 in Russia. He wants to sow as much doubt into anyone that will listen to him. Members of both parties have been trading blows, back and forth. But really, this has all been for nothing. The people of Britain used their voice in a positive manner. Unfortunately, there are certain ideals within the labour party that seek to oppress and revolutionise the political landscape in Britain. For many years the UK has been a free and democratic country that has enjoyed the pleasures that come with going through the steps needed to become a true politically free country. Something that the Marxist leader Jeremy Corbyn and Andrew Murray (a member of a communist party) wish to oppress.

Sure, the working class and upper classes will become one of the same. The problem with this is that the amount of people, that are making all the decisions ends up being much smaller than what we already see. An elitist few now, is a bad thing. However, that hat ‘elitist few’, just got smaller. Control over any key decision making or liberties, stripped away. At first it looks ‘fine and dandy’. Next moment, that silver lining you thought you had. Boom!!! Gone.

There is not only the labour party that you need to watch out for. If labour ever did get into power, with Jeremy Corbyn as leader. Soon enough, communist friends, democratic socialists, IRA members all welcomed with open arms. No doubt, a fake news story about them being persecuted by their own peoples would be woven to fool the public. The tight controls that have been put in place to stop the population explosion, suddenly reformed and tweaked so that it allowed every Tom and Harry into the country.

I ask you this. why has Jeremy Corbyn gone to meet Michael Barnier? Jeremy Corbyn has no right to stick his nose into a decision that he has always been strongly against. He should not have been allowed to speak to the EU negotiator. He is sowing more doubt into the minds of negotiators on both sides. This is an act of treason. He should be brought in front of a judicial hearing and have his political privileges revoked. To stop him dong more harm to Britain.

The necessity of a collective response

A collective response is needed to combat the powers that be, namely the institutions that have taken it upon themselves implement policies that shake the very fabric of our society. I look back to the events that happened in Russia during the time of revolution. The upper ruling class took it upon themselves to rule with an iron fist, pdepleting the working force of their rights and every-day freedoms.  What is happening with the European Union is exactly like wht happened a hundred years ago in Russia. The EU is applying the equivalent of the secret police on its member states, in order to quash any sort of freedom they once held to their hearts.

This is the reason that the Union that was supposed to bind the continent of Europe together is falling apart. Brick by brick. The Union has become a totalitarian entity that very cleverly is stripping away the very democracy that a collective should enjoy. It is a small group of bureaucrats that are controlling the millions of citizens that inhabit Europe.

Through their policy decisions, having open borders for instance (noy including the Schengen zone). Has been a huge mistake as it has built anger and resentment against governments that have implemented            these key decisions. Unfortunately, if you do not do what the EU tells you. They start threatening sanctions. Sanctions that are just a scare tactic to bring the people back into line. Europe is not uniformed enough for that sort of policy making to take effect. This is something that the Fat-cats have mis-judged. Certain countries like the Hungary, Britain, Italy et al. have taken the steps to fight against the authoritarianism that is playing out right across Europe.

Brexit is a key frame-work that, in my opinion will bring about the demise of the European Union and send countries back into their own political, financial and economic borders. Ditching the Euro, at first is going to be a dire thing indeed. However, lets look at the positives that will be brokered from this. countries able to build their own trade relations, not spend out million of their own monies to line the coffers a Union that is rife with corruption. However good these benefits are. The negatives with the break up of the EU brings would be re-negotiating trade deals, minnow countries are left to fend for themselves against larger countries with higher populations, laws need to be reworked around the individual countries values. I have just named a few of a whole list of pro’s and con’s. It is not worth looking into the short term, real change comes from long term vision. We are already seeing animosity from the Eastern bloc. With that, in my opinion. I can see this turmoil spilling over into other European nations, thus crumbling the Union that was seen as the saviour of Europe.

I have now been banned from posting to several reddit communities over what I have been uploading. The liberal media wants to quash any sort of opposition to what they see as their ideal world. Without opposition, the media is left to rain down its authoritarianism against the everyday blogger. I do not mind though. I see it has though I am striking a chord that has got the moderators of thee communities having to take the actions that they are in order to censor anything that is not inline with their ideals.