Anti-corruption protests

This is not the first time we have seen anti-corruption being carried out on the continent. The same is unraveling in Spain now and earlier in the year Slovakians took to the streets to protest the actions of the left. All of this is against the corrupt European bureaucrats, playing master puppeteer.

Now it is Romania’s turn to take up the reins. An estimated 30-60000 people have taken to the streets in the Romania’s capital, Bucharest to protest low wages, new laws to protect the politicians implicit in corruption people, we all know why you are trying to implement these laws), as well as the misuse of European funding. These have all lead to a major internal event like this happening. No longer are people of Romania wanting to put up with the European bureaucrats playing god with the politics that affect all Romanian’s. They are undermining the basic human rights of people that live in Romania and those that live abroad. They see this as a gross miscarriage of justice and are standing up to what they believe in.

Like I said. Tens of thousands of people, both those living in Romania as well as those living abroad have taken to the streets in anger. What has the Romanian government done? Oh, just ordered riot police to quash these protests. Hundreds have been injured from exposure to tear gas. Social media has been instrumental in organising this event. Facebook and Twitter have been essential in the spreading of word to rally against the government. Both in Romania and to Romanians living outside borders. Many have return, to support their fellow countrymen in the fight against a government they see, in their eyes, is stripping away fundamental rights of their countrymen. The President of Romania has condemned the attacks ordered by the governing social democrats. He is an outspoken critic of the leftist party and the changes to the law that would see its politicians get away with corruption charges. However, he has explained that the protestors that attempted to storm the house of government should also take some of the blame.


Altogether Romanian citizens are standing up for what they believe in. It is just another example of the ‘people power’ that we as citizens of the world can show. To stand up and show the people that are in ‘power’, that really are not. That it is the citizens living there that have the true power. It is proving that if you step out of line. We will take from you all that so called ‘power’ you have stupidly thought you had.


Summing up what is going on in Romania now. I believe that no amount of riot police can kill the vibe and mood of these protestors. Both in the capital and the other events that are simultaneously going on in other parts of the country. There will be more crack down and more injuries, on both sides. That I can definitely say to be true. Not until the governing party takes steps to change what it plans to implement will we see quiet on the streets in Romania. Meanwhile, what are the fat cat bureaucrats doing in Europe? From their track record they will be more than likely to extinguish the flames that these protestors have put into motion. Instead of having a backbone and doing what is right for the Romanian citizens, bringing peace and stability to the country. They would rather back the ruling leftist party as they see this as holding onto what little amount of left wing governing parties they have left.


I am afraid that until a political change occurs. Violence on the streets will continue to plague Romania. Be careful of the webs of fake news that the left will no doubt weave, to shift the blame from government on to protestors.


Good luck to all Romanian’s. we stand with you against the tyranny of the bureaucratic left-wing politicians.

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Writer of this article:

Alex Huskinson

A bygone era

The fall of the left

In todays society, individuals are no longer class themselves as only male or female, as has been the status quo for millennia. Rather, liberal intellectuals, belonging to the top percentage of wealth in the world have taken it upon themselves to coin phrases such as ‘trans’ and ‘cisgender’, amongst others. Do you know that there are over 70 different titles, in the west that people relate their own gender.

So here-in lies the single most poisonous thorn in the side of liberalism. The fact that each one of these subgroups of gender has their own philosophy and ideology has just eroded the idea of social liberalism that originally had been fought for. Instead of fighting a common enemy I the Elitist 1%. These sub-grouped genders are too busy fighting amongst themselves to be able to see the identity of their society being stripped from them, right under their noses.

With the impending #Brexit looming in #March19. A shift in the reliance on the Elitist few, like George Soros has taken effect. The people of society that are not battling with one another and can see the true enemy in the liberal left-wing cronies are taking a stand for us all. The elitist few that have for years pitted people against each other by creating these ideologies and selling them to people that lack the skills to be able to free think for themselves have made a major mistake. They have taken the peoples willingness to be easily manipulated to be true of every citizen in the UK.

Each day the left is losing ground and it is these leftist liberal academics that are now sowing fear discontent into the nation. ‘If you cannot beat them. Try and disrupt them’, then hope for the best. No longer do these select few hold the trump cards. They no longer are playing with the stronger hand. These elite few have been too comfortable, for too long. Their constant attempts to keep the status quo and control the people like puppets are over. There must be a lot of people throughout Europe that are shitting themselves with this realisation.


In a sense the whole theory behind liberalism will lead to its untimely demise. It is only the fault of those that decided to take it upon themselves to fracture the essence of society that we once knew.


Persecution of Russian Orthodoxism

A national threat


The President o the Ukraine, Petro Porochenko has called the influence that the Russian Orthodox church has in Ukraine. A direct national security threat. One that affects all Ukrainian’s. This has all come about as a direct result of an incident that happened 1,030 years ago. The region during this period saw a shift from Orthodoxism to Christianity.


At the time the Prince Vladimir ruled what is known today as Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. It was after his destruction of palaginism that he made that part of his kingdom baptize themselves in the Christian faith. This started the first Christian branch of the faith.


Due to the civil war that is ravaging Ukraine at the moment and the deepening divisions between western backed west Ukraine and the Russian backed geographical area of East Ukraine, Porochencko has taken it upon himself to take action against internal threats that may in fact play a role on the outcome, win or lose. This is just absurd. Porochenko, even within his own circle is starting to come under fire, because of the decisions he is making. In a sense, he just adding fuel to the fire. Is he hoping that the west ill automatically come to his aid because he is in a geographical strong point, a font line to Russia? What do we think is behind the mind of a man that has to resort to taking away the property of a devout faith? The church after is all is everything to an orthodox Christian. Take that away from them and of course they will react. A lion will always protect its territory.


The head of the Russian orthodox church in the Ukraine, who is close to Vladimir Putin held a procession in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Patriarch Kirill also pointed out that not pull away from Moscow. That unity was more favourable over separation. Also, that if they distanced themselves from Russia, it would be a monumental disaster. Was this a proxy warning shot, voiced by Vladimir Putin? It is very possible that Porochenko sees this and is using this to reignite a stagnating conflict. I don’t think Trump is that stupid that he would jump onboard to defend Porochenko when it would stir up hostilities between the two superpowers.


Seeing these too and throw word battles does not help anyone in the long term. All it is doing is lining the pockets of the arms dealers, bureaucrats and propaganda machines, hard in work.


Too bad about the loss of life and the impact it has on families and the community. Capitalists are prolonging this conflict because it financially is beneficial for them. Pay off the right people and you can ultimately sway the decisions on the ground. Hopefully, come May ’19 the European Parliament elections will herald in a new way of how politicians and business are able to operate.


Author: Alex Huskinson