European Union Corruption murder

Over the past year there has been four journalists murdered in Europe. The latest victim is the Bulgarian journalist Victoria Marinova, 30, working as an administrative administrator for TVN local television in Northern Bulgaria. Marinova and her colleagues were investigating claims that the European Union funding for the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, according to the committee to Protect journalists This is another case of more European Union corruption going on. So many instances of corruption by the EU continues repeatedly. Victoria obviously stumbled across something that she was not supposed to see, ultimately paying the price of that with her own life. What is being circulated to try and deviate from what is going on, is this. A man has been arrested in Germany over the death of the 30-year-old journalist. Unfortunately, the mainstream media has become so polarised, in fairness, what are we supposed to believe these days. Yes, there is truth to this, of course there is. There is on the other hand mainstream media has the tendency to sensationalise news.

Bulgarian interior minister, Mladan Marinov has come out straight away saying that ‘there is no evidence that her murder has anything to do with the corruption that she was looking in to’. He goes on further to say that it was about rape and murder’. Bulgarian police are going to be releasing more details on Monday.

Is the European Union trying to silence those that are snooping into their mis-appropriation of funds, keeping the allies to the EU safe and in a plentiful amount of funds. They sell this to the country with the promise of improving infrastructure. However, sadly enough though, the bulk of this money does not go into acquiring materials that are long lasting. Instead, money is saved by buying second rate materials, with the surplus amount being funnelled into bank accounts off-shore or in tax havens.


With more information coming to light concerning the corruption of the EU, journalists from different sectors in European media have no longer become safe. Drew Sullivan, co-founder of the Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project has spoken out that the European Commission needs to launch a full investigation into the murder of Victoria Marinova. I see one big gaping hole into the problem that this will cause. Nothing will get done, at the end of the day, the EU will send in their own men to investigate, they are on the books of George Soros, everything will get swept under the rug. Even with all the growing tensions from the global community. What should be happening is there needs to be an independent investigator. Someone that has no tie to the Union or Europe, someone that has investigative knowledge when dealing with a high-profile case such as this. unfortunately, the level of corruption has spread into every corner of European society.

Let us not use this as a political gain for people to gain leverage on. This is in no way morally right. There will be people that call me a propagandist and a Russian sympathiser. But let me ask you this. All I try to do is give everyone a different perspective on what is happening, real-time in Europe. Paid people are smearing any attempt of individuals that are speaking out against tyranny. It has been people like Victoria and Jan than have paid the ultimate price for the Unions fraudulent behaviour. No body speaking out against the Union is safe. No matter what level of society you belong to. It is the right and moral duty of citizens and netizens to bring to a standstill the malicious behaviour that has destroyed Europe.

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The fall of the European Union

Much like the fall of the Soviet Union. The European Union is on its way to falling as well. Populist countries, Brexit. These are the fore runners of the downfall of the European Union. Over-bearing authoritarianism, on the part of the select few that make the generalised decision on the fate of the 28, Has just gone too far. Implementing bullying tactics, to get your own way is something that was fought against during both imperialistic world wars. Great Britain (as it was in those days), America stood up against this. Jeremy Hunt recently described the EU as using the same sorts of heavy handed tactics that Lenin, Stalin and the Soviet Union used against it own people. I believe that he is absolutely right in saying so. I myself, after reading about the rise and fall of the Soviet Union (a great book by the way), learnt that there is indeed parallels between the way that the EU is forcing imperialism against its members. Trying to weaken the resolve of the countries so they will ‘bend the knee’ to their demanding nature.

Why then has seemed to be these countries that are willing to stand up to the Union? Quite simply put. George Soros is buying influence of the leaders of these nations. His pockets are deep enough to finance the kind of dirty politics this presents. First and foremost, it is corruption. Look at the guiltiest countries for corrupt politicians. Romania, Croatia, Macedonia these countries have social democratic governments. They are the ones that are the biggest at fault here. It is the equivalent of the labour aristocracy. They say that they are all for the working class. But in hindsight. They are no better than the Elitists that have forced their own personal ideology onto others.

Unfortunately, the EU is caught in a rut that it has dug by itself. Now that the times have gotten tough for them, I personally see a shift in who is controlling the key decision making. When once it was Brussels, there seems to be more voice coming out of Berlin, Germany than the European capital. I speculate that, much like what the conservative party in Britain are doing with Theresa  May, they are looking for a scapegoat. They see that Angela Merkel will not survive the near future and can twist this in their favour, to shift the blame of the EU misgivings onto Germany. Who in turn tarnish any good legacy that the German Chancellor has. Trump has done the same thing with the Obama legacy. Trump was able to strip away everything that was Obama-ised.

The Union is trying so desperately to sow the fear of economic collapse, if other members do not fall back not place. However, the framework that the EU uses (one size fits all) is not relevant in the kind of playing field. Germany and its economy need a much more in-depth evaluation of infrastructure, economics or regional politics than a country like Hungary would have. Culturally vastly different. In short, each country has its own unique way of evaluating what works best for them. Not an imperialistic entity that is so drunk on power now that it has to resort to forceful antics. What ever happened to freedom of speech? Nope, they want to take that away from us too.

It is my opinion, that seeing the regular outcries from EU member states and the unwillingness for the EU to take heed. Slowly but surely, the smaller member states will be adopting the framework set out by Britain, in their own sovereign way. Something that should have been allowed but was oppressed. Take warning Juncker and Tusk. Your members are not happy, soon no amount of bribery and corruption can keep back the gates of hell. It will be your own fault. You will shift the blame, yes. But everyone that is smart enough will see that it was fat-cats that brought Europe to her knees. Not its member states.

The European agreement to the Aquarius illegals

Once again, the rescue ship operating in the Mediterranean has rescued more migrants making the perilous journey from North Africa over the Med and into Europe. This time 68 people have been said to have been taken on board, including women and children, if the reports are to be believed. As we know. The EU tends to report what it wants just to look good. It has been the island of Malta that on this occasion has agreed to take in all refugees. But there is a twist to this. They are offloading them to France, Portugal, Spain and Germany in a deal that was brokered by the European Union in order to disperse even numbers to its core supporters. Italy said no. Infact, according to an article by (2018, online), it has been Italy that has seen the Panama registration, of the privately-owned Aquarius ship henceforth revoked. This allows the ability to dock and undock in ports around the world. It means that it if it were to dock in a country. It would not be able to exit any port. A ploy by Rome to have the Aquarius ships activities halted.

The European Union’s inability to deal with this migrant crisis underlines the clear lack of positional judgement needed to stem the flow of illegals entering European borders. Nothing of any serious consequence is really being done. The open borders policy that the European Union is sticking by is a huge mistake. Why? It is turning countries against them. No citizen wants to live in fear of reprisals from migrants. Where they originate from is vastly different in terms of cultural ideals than what European countries are awarded. Will more people being killed by these migrants of Syria, Iraq, Somalia et al, be needed to address the problem they pose. How many people need to die before the EU has the guts to say no?

Unfortunately, because of the corruption culture that is widespread in the EU parliament, they are still able now to make wads of cash from these med crossings. They say they are fighting against human trafficking… God. They are a product of it. They are enforcing it, financing it all to line their greasy pockets. All the while everyone is none the wiser. After all, to the bureaucrats, we are just pieces in a big game of chess, easily maneuvered to bear the economic brunt.

At this point in time, the Aquarius is on her way back to France to dock in her home port of Marseilles whilst she battles to get back her Panama registration. So, in the short term, it seems as if the Italians have won a small victory in their ever-increasing disdain for the Union. I fear though that there is going to be a lot of drownings due to there not being any rescue option for them. Their flimsy boats I just don’t think are going to be able to sustain the back and forth crossings. At some point, something will give. The impact toll on human life will make the mainstream medias feelers stand up on end, they will be reporting pictures of children, the travesty that will have unfolded.

In my opinion there needs to be some serious questions being raised to do with the governments of the African countries lying along the med. It is just not enough to dump their problems onto those that live in Europe. What about incentives to stay, a no entry policy, unless you have an actual job to go to. That’s what happens in other countries. You cannot just arrive somewhere with nothing and expect the people of that country to fork out millions of Euros to sufficiently keep you in food and shelter. While you scream injustice. Is this fair at all, really?


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Brexit ‘yah’ or ‘nah’

Difference in opinion

I have been talking to business owners in the geographical area of South Yorkshire. I am lucky enough to work at a hotel that sees many different characters come and go. On one particular evening I got into a conversation about Brexit with a guest. He explained to me that he was a company director for a equine business in the surrounding area. As he lived in the Republic of Ireland, I asked him how, come March, would the impact of Brexit affect his business here in the United Kingdom.

The cost of import parts for his machinery was going to be hit, if there was a hard border between Ireland and the UK. That would amount to a large amount of revenue he would need to be paying out. In short. He was not happy at all with Brexit going ahead. He tried to put forward an argument that 50 of the original constituents had re-voted and decided that they wanted to ‘remain’. I was not having any of this. He expected me to believe that a poll done in a pro European country, manufactured by EU bureaucrats was going to deter the English public? Come on. Who do these people think they are? It is shambolic and purely arrogant that they would even attempt such a foolish ploy.A few days passed and this conversation still bugged me. People needed to be aware of these new low levels EU bureaucrat propagandists are willing to stoop to.

On a cheerier note though. The majority of people that I talked to after that, in the streets were completely on board and optimistic with hat Brexit was going to bring them. Save for some just jumping on the band wagon because their friends were pro leavers, some had an opinion as to why. “End to Tyrannical rule by leftist elitists”, ‘saving British culture’, ‘own legislative laws’. Just some of the reasons as to why people were happy leaving Europe.

No matter the outcome of Brexit in March. There will be some jumped up liberal that will always scream foul. Its just what they do. An itch that just wont go away. I am optimistic though that there will be a continued resurgence to the British economy, now that the EU shackles are being taken off. Lets all look forward to this exciting period of political history. 2019 is going to be a very very interesting time in geopolitics. One that England is going to be at the forefront of. A true political revolution people.

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The Iron Fist

Growing up in New Zealand, a million miles away from the continent of Europe. Much earlier in age made my viewpoint somewhat naïve and immature. I had no clue whatsoever about the territorial disputes, or the regional proximity that this bordering part of South Ossetia held.


South Ossetia had been an autonomous state of Georgia. Much like Barcelona is I Spain. However, tensions between the two gravely came to a head in 1991-’92: the South Ossetia war began. Many ceasefires and negotiations followed. There was a somewhat volatile peace. But it was peace none the less.


Fast forward o 2008. This volatile peace could ne held no more. War broke out between Georgia and South Ossetian seperatists. Here is where Georgia ultimately lost ‘the five day war’. As Russia had formally recognised South Ossetia independence, Russia flexed her military muscle and took the side of the seperatists. Now, if you look at the geographical layout of South Ossetia, it borders Russia. Did Russia see this as a geopolitical strategic move? Possibly so. Russia at the end of the day has lost out on large amounts of the mother land due to the collapse of the Soviet Union.


Ten years on the Russo-Georgian war is being remembered. The first war of the 21st century. It has been a stark contrast between watching it on tv, from a New Zealand journalistic view point to that of being able to experience this flashpoint from a much closer proximity. Media outlets and social media these days has been able to provide a much more informative view point of the events that unfolded in 2008.

Anti-corruption protests

This is not the first time we have seen anti-corruption being carried out on the continent. The same is unraveling in Spain now and earlier in the year Slovakians took to the streets to protest the actions of the left. All of this is against the corrupt European bureaucrats, playing master puppeteer.

Now it is Romania’s turn to take up the reins. An estimated 30-60000 people have taken to the streets in the Romania’s capital, Bucharest to protest low wages, new laws to protect the politicians implicit in corruption people, we all know why you are trying to implement these laws), as well as the misuse of European funding. These have all lead to a major internal event like this happening. No longer are people of Romania wanting to put up with the European bureaucrats playing god with the politics that affect all Romanian’s. They are undermining the basic human rights of people that live in Romania and those that live abroad. They see this as a gross miscarriage of justice and are standing up to what they believe in.

Like I said. Tens of thousands of people, both those living in Romania as well as those living abroad have taken to the streets in anger. What has the Romanian government done? Oh, just ordered riot police to quash these protests. Hundreds have been injured from exposure to tear gas. Social media has been instrumental in organising this event. Facebook and Twitter have been essential in the spreading of word to rally against the government. Both in Romania and to Romanians living outside borders. Many have return, to support their fellow countrymen in the fight against a government they see, in their eyes, is stripping away fundamental rights of their countrymen. The President of Romania has condemned the attacks ordered by the governing social democrats. He is an outspoken critic of the leftist party and the changes to the law that would see its politicians get away with corruption charges. However, he has explained that the protestors that attempted to storm the house of government should also take some of the blame.


Altogether Romanian citizens are standing up for what they believe in. It is just another example of the ‘people power’ that we as citizens of the world can show. To stand up and show the people that are in ‘power’, that really are not. That it is the citizens living there that have the true power. It is proving that if you step out of line. We will take from you all that so called ‘power’ you have stupidly thought you had.


Summing up what is going on in Romania now. I believe that no amount of riot police can kill the vibe and mood of these protestors. Both in the capital and the other events that are simultaneously going on in other parts of the country. There will be more crack down and more injuries, on both sides. That I can definitely say to be true. Not until the governing party takes steps to change what it plans to implement will we see quiet on the streets in Romania. Meanwhile, what are the fat cat bureaucrats doing in Europe? From their track record they will be more than likely to extinguish the flames that these protestors have put into motion. Instead of having a backbone and doing what is right for the Romanian citizens, bringing peace and stability to the country. They would rather back the ruling leftist party as they see this as holding onto what little amount of left wing governing parties they have left.


I am afraid that until a political change occurs. Violence on the streets will continue to plague Romania. Be careful of the webs of fake news that the left will no doubt weave, to shift the blame from government on to protestors.


Good luck to all Romanian’s. we stand with you against the tyranny of the bureaucratic left-wing politicians.

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A bygone era

The fall of the left

In todays society, individuals are no longer class themselves as only male or female, as has been the status quo for millennia. Rather, liberal intellectuals, belonging to the top percentage of wealth in the world have taken it upon themselves to coin phrases such as ‘trans’ and ‘cisgender’, amongst others. Do you know that there are over 70 different titles, in the west that people relate their own gender.

So here-in lies the single most poisonous thorn in the side of liberalism. The fact that each one of these subgroups of gender has their own philosophy and ideology has just eroded the idea of social liberalism that originally had been fought for. Instead of fighting a common enemy I the Elitist 1%. These sub-grouped genders are too busy fighting amongst themselves to be able to see the identity of their society being stripped from them, right under their noses.

With the impending #Brexit looming in #March19. A shift in the reliance on the Elitist few, like George Soros has taken effect. The people of society that are not battling with one another and can see the true enemy in the liberal left-wing cronies are taking a stand for us all. The elitist few that have for years pitted people against each other by creating these ideologies and selling them to people that lack the skills to be able to free think for themselves have made a major mistake. They have taken the peoples willingness to be easily manipulated to be true of every citizen in the UK.

Each day the left is losing ground and it is these leftist liberal academics that are now sowing fear discontent into the nation. ‘If you cannot beat them. Try and disrupt them’, then hope for the best. No longer do these select few hold the trump cards. They no longer are playing with the stronger hand. These elite few have been too comfortable, for too long. Their constant attempts to keep the status quo and control the people like puppets are over. There must be a lot of people throughout Europe that are shitting themselves with this realisation.


In a sense the whole theory behind liberalism will lead to its untimely demise. It is only the fault of those that decided to take it upon themselves to fracture the essence of society that we once knew.